Thursday, 28 August 2008

hi everybody how is it going in the holidays i went to mount ruapehu it was freesing we stayed in a motel called tiki lodge it was a very cool hotel jasper antonet paul and jesse eric leon anabel came to they are all dutch we bought the game called risk the last game we played i won the first day we tried going to mount ruaphe it was an our drive from the lodg or hotel we were staying in it was all raining and it was realy windy directly when we came out of the car we were all wet i was the first finished changing myself so i folowed leon and anabel my mum and dad thought it was way to cold so they chanched in there normal clothes and went and sat in the car leon and anabel thoghted that it was way to cold so they went back to i went back to our car and i was the wettest out of all continued.


Mrs Mac said...

Hello Koen
What a pity it was so wet and windy while you were at Mount Ruapehu. You will have to go again on a nice sunny day because it is fabulous when it is fine.
Mrs Mac

Pink Crystals said...

cool Blog Koen!!!!! I really like your slideshow!! :)