Wednesday, 2 July 2008

everything about me

hi my favourite food is nachos fish and chips mc kfc i like sport and playing the computer on the computer i espaicily like playing age of empires its a game were you have to make an army to fight other armies you can collect your own wood food and gold and stone you will need it to build your army. i also like playing games like monopoly and risk and card games i come from holland and moved to nz i have been to nelson auckland christchurch napier tauranga great barrier island roterau mt eden nearly evrywhere!!!! my friends are alex sean matthew jared jamie


Mrs Mac said...

Congratulations Koen your blog is great. I like your photo! I like the way you have set your blog up and I look forward to reading your posts.

Life as Matthew Fletcher said...

Hi, koen! Cool blog!

Agent M said...

Koen, why won't you reply to my comment?